changes into releasing procedure of customs cargo from Steveco Hietanen terminal

As per Customs customer information letter 23.3.2017 Hietanen customs will be closed on 1.4.2017. This will cause changes to release procedure of customs cargo from Steveco Hietanen terminal.

In order to pick up cargo in customs procedure after 1.4.2017 from Steveco Hietanen terminal customer has to deliver customs document to Steveco beforehand.

Please find updated guidelines for Hietanen terminal and trailer traffic at Hietanen:

Release from Hietanen terminal starting 1.4.2017


Customer delivers T1 document (not only MRN) to Steveco cargo release point in order to receive release reference for cargo. 

Manuedi- and web T1-notifications has to be opened in Mussalo Customs before release from Steveco.

TIR Carnet      

TIR Carnet is not accepted as release document in Steveco Hietanen terminal.

Customer can move the cargo from Hietanen terminal to Mussalo Customs by T1 for opening TIR Carnet.

Releases with obligatory customs visit given before 1.4.2017 

In case customer has got release with obligatory customs visit before 1.4.2017 and cargo is not collected during March, they need to deliver new release document to Steveco cargo release point.

Obligatory customs visit will be cancelled by Steveco after new release documents are received.

Cargo in customs procedure to the Hietanen terminal


Steveco will apply the unloading permit from the Custom during the service hours of the cargo release point. Outside these service hours, the driver has to apply the permit from the Customs before arriving Hietanen terminal.

TIR Carnet                

Unloading permit for TIR Carnet has to be applied from the Customs before arriving Hietanen terminal.

For more information, please contact Aino Rauhamäki, 044-2323 583.

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